No One is a Waste – and Other Life Lessons from Africa


As I sit here on a 15+ hour plane ride from Johannesburg (or Joburg as the locals call it) back to the United States, I'm trying my best to get my thoughts around this beautiful continent - out of my head - and onto this screen. I've determined that regardless of what I say, no words will adequately describe the most glorious of sunsets, wildest of animals, or...Continue Reading

Is Your Sunscreen Safe? The Sunscreen Controversy


Being quite the fair-skinned person with more than my fair share of moles, I tend to minimize my sun exposure as if I were avoiding the plague. After having multiple moles removed, I don't have the same summertime goals as I did many years ago. I was that girl who wanted to be sure she "laid out" evenly on both sides, much like cooking a rotisserie chicken. Now...Continue Reading

10 Iconic Nods to Mid-Century Modernism Within Your Home


On a recent trip to Palm Springs, California, I was taken aback by the beautiful simplicity of mid-century modern design. Here in Palm Springs, form meets function, graphic prints abound, and proportions are perfectly balanced. If you love the mid-century vibe but haven't been to Palm Springs, I highly recommend you visit ASAP. And even if mid-mod isn't your thing...Continue Reading

Yoga for Your Health – Do You Know the Benefits?


Scientists estimate there are about 35 trillion cells in the human body. At any given moment, millions of cells are being created or destroyed - a process which constantly contributes to your development. As humans continue to evolve, so do the diseases and afflictions that accompany us. The medical world works frantically to keep up, develop new diagnostic and treatment strategies and explore preventative ways to keep us healthy and striving. What resources do we have as individuals to contribute to our own healthy growth and wellness?...Continue Reading