7 Ways to Small Space Success

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

When I downsized to my current loft, the first thing that came to mind was “how can I fit my life into this small space?” I had fallen in love with the unique beauty of the space but I knew it would present several challenges. Many of us are conditioned to believe we need a large house to experience happiness, but in reality less really can be more. Embrace the full potential of a smaller space with these 7 tips!

  1. Utilize multi-functional furniture and spaces.
    You have to make the most of space in a smaller place. Furniture and spaces that work smarter, not harder, can help. Here are a few I’ve used successfully:
    • Storage Mirror
    • Double Doggie Den® from B&B Kustom Kennels—doubles as an entryway and storage table
    • Bookshelf doubling as a dining table
    • Guest bedroom and office space combined
  1. Purge often... and then purge some more!
    Pssst, guess what—a little decluttering here and there really does make a big impact! Someone once told me, people spend their lives carrying things into their house but many rarely carry things out. What’s my solution? If a new item comes in, one must go out. It’s all about balance! Rome wasn’t conquered in a day, nor does your closet have to be. Keep only what you love and when you buy new clothes or shoes donate older items.
  2. Color is powerful—use it wisely.
    Color choice has the ability to make or break a space. Vibrant colors are beautiful when used correctly but can be a chaotic mess when overused in a small space. The same is true for dark wall colors. Dark colors can often make an already small space feel smaller. Consider a darker color as an accent wall rather than for an entire room.
  3. Let mirrors work for you.
    Mirrors can be a great way to enlarge a space and bring in light. In a room without windows, mirrors can be particularly useful to open up the space.

  4. Let everything have a home… and a practical one at that!
    Organization is important for your wellness in any size dwelling, but it’s a necessity in a small space. Get creative and look for storage in unusual places. Remember—clutter attracts clutter!

  1. Maximize the use of height.
    By drawing the eyes upward, a space can feel much larger than it actually is.

  2. Focus on the positives!
    Less space has the potential to mean less cleaning, less decorating, and less maintenance. Bonus—if you aren’t a fan of hosting large gatherings, here’s your out!